May 28 2010
Reader Submitted Story

I have been asking people to tell me creative things they did with their ex’s stuff and to send pictures to Here is a story I recently received from Phil and Lora that I’d like to share.

“As we were moving my now husband out of his apartment that he had lived in since shortly after his divorce. I found stuffed way back in the hall closet his ex-wife’s wedding dress. He of course wanted to burn it immediately. I suggested that the material was still good and we should give it to a thrift store that supports the SPCA. My mother on the other hand who was there helping us had a more colorful idea….they say a picture is worth a thousand words…Attached you will see what we did two years ago with my husband’s ex-wife’s wedding dress… needless to say we won the contest hands down!”

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    • Hey PKlockgether!
      If you are so grown up why don’t you do us a big favour???
      Leave this childish things to us children to play with and go on with your boring, sad, grown up life.
      You don’t have to read this blog…GO ON…GO FOR A WALK…IT WILL DO YOU GOOD!

    • Achei muito interessante. Vc poderia agora usar este vestido para limpar vômitos de cachorro, limpar o nariz e até mesmo limpar as fezes de seu lindo animalzinho de estimação.

    • @PKlockgether
      Ok, you’re hurt. We don’t know why, we don’t reallly care so much because we dont know you and saying we DO care would be lying, BUT: each and every one knows what is best to deal with their pain, ok? Can’t you sleep on that?

    • It was for a party – not sure if it was halloween buy maybe. They didn’t wear it for their wedding.

    • @LORA the Groom

      Was this for a Halloween contest. Your story says “we won the contest hands down.” Just curious. It is hilarious no matter what. I just think some people are confused if he actually wore that for your real wedding or just for a costume contest? Take care, and hope you are blessed with a lengthy, healthy marriage. 🙂

    • @PKlockgether*****

      You must be someone’s ex that did some awful things to that person. Who gets offended by some good humor?… No harm no foul.. These people even stated it had NOTHING to do with the ex wife. Get a sense of humor. If you do not like this site, or these stories just click that big white x in the red box- in the top right corner of your computer. That will close the page. Just leave the funny stuff to us people who have a sense of humor. This site is a man’s way of dealing with his grief. It is an unique process for each individual.

    • @PKlockgether, In Dutch we call someone like you a “vinegar pisser” This blog is not meant to teach readers morals and principles about donating dresses to people who can’t afford a wedding dress (btw strange that you can’t afford a wedding dress but can afford the wedding though) , it is very funny and maybe useful if you are in the same circumstances.

    • Olá amigo, eu não sei falar outra língua além do “portuguese”. Escrevo do Brasil (Brazil) e espero que você se divirta em tentar traduzir isto aqui no google. Bem, eu estou bastante curioso em ver a foto da sua ex.
      Para ela fazer esta coisa chata contigo, imagino como deve ser a fisionomia dela. Imagino uma tremenda duma “baranga”, pois o falta de educação dela contigo foi enorme!!!
      Um grande abraço a você. Dou todo o apoio ao seu blog. Parabéns =D

    • I’m just wondering if Phil looks better in the dress than his ex did…

      Not a very nice dress, btw. I hope Lora has better taste. XD
      Btw, if anyone is reading, Phil is an attractive man. (:

    • Lora the Groom

      Actually, we did donate the dress after the party.

      I’m sorry that some people can not see the ironic humor of all this. It’s not about anyone’s ex. If My husband could have fit into my first wedding dress it would have been just as funny. This certainly had nothing to my husband’s ex-wife. We brought a smile to many people’s faces! It’s still makes me smile when I think about it. No one will ever convince me that turning something ackward into something funny is a bad thing. For us it was just plain funny… No matter how you slice it a 6’5″man in full wedding drag is just funny. 🙂

      And this site…just plain funny too…

    • RE: PKlockgether

      The author of this blog lists many great ways to donate your ex-wife’s dress. As for Phil & Lora, how do you know they didn’t donate it after this event? From the pictures it looks as though the dress is currently unharmed.

      Pull the stick out of your butt and see the humor in this blog.

    • I think this is awesome! I hope you find some healing and make some money while you’re at it!!

    • Funny. as for @PKlockgether you should schedule an appointment to get that stick removed from your rectum

    • http://www.wishing-w

      LOL.. I think its great. You have a good sense of humour. You brightened up my day.

    • I personally think that this is all very childish. A perfectly good dress could have been donated to some girl that could not afford a nice dress, to make her day perfect. No good purpose was obtained do this. I really hope that you don’t really think that you hurt your ex’s do you? All you accomplished was looking very stupid and childish.

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