Jun 6 2010
Reader Submitted Story

I have been receiving messages from people sharing their creative uses for objects left behind after their divorces or break-ups. It doesn’t have to be a wedding dress story. If you had a unique way of getting over your ex, please tell me your story. I’d like to share a few on my blog from time to time. Send pictures too if you have them to myexwifesweddingdress@gmail.com.

Ronnie wrote:

Love your blog!
My husband of one year (together for 7) left me with no warning about five years ago. We got an annulment and I moved on, eventually marrying again. My husband and I decided to dress up as zombie bride and groom for our first halloween as a married couple, and you can guess what I wore. I still had that wedding dress from the first marriage (it was so expensive and beautiful!) so we destroyed it and had the best looking costumes around. I was thrilled to be able to wear that gorgeous dress again, and it was even better now with rips, dirt, and fake blood stains.

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