Sep 12 2010
Dress Use #54: Fly Tying (fishing)

For the first time it feels like it has been a long time since I started this blog. It has only been a few months since I posted dress use #1 but it seems like a lot has happened since I began this project. I don’t believe I have ever written about fishing and what it means to me.

My father was from Colorado and loved to fish. He was passionate about fishing and my brother and I are infected with his fishing bug. If I can sneak away for a couple days there is nothing in this world I would rather do than fish. I was trying to explain my addiction this week to my friend Alma from work because I have a fishing trip coming up. She was wondering what we do on our trips other than fishing. The answer to that is nothing. When I go on a fishing trip with my brother and our friends we eat, sleep, and fish (mostly fish).

I love to fish because it takes me to some beautiful places where I can really escape and spend quality time with my brother and some close friends. I am primarily a trout fisherman and I love to eat fish. However almost all the fish I catch are set free. I took up fly-fishing in my early 20’s and never turned back. I also got into fly-tying a few years back. I get a lot more pleasure out of catching a fish on a bug I made than one made in China.

Since the beginning of this wedding dress project I have been trying to think of what fly-tying potential the wedding dress materials had. I decided to try my luck recently and produced a fly I call the XWWD. I took it to some local ponds and honestly could not believe how eager the fish were to eat it. I caught stocked sunfish and bass . However I do think the XWWD would be able to entice a trout with the right conditions.

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