Nov 8 2010
Dress Use #63 – Cultural Event Attire

Every once in a while Tucson surprises me and I realize what a cool town it is. It’s probably not the most exciting place to live by a lot of people’s standards but my town has a lot of character. An event I had heard a lot about but never attended is the annual All Souls Procession that takes place downtown. The word is it grows every year and that this year’s turnout was estimated around 20K – not too bad for a Sunday night in the Old Pueblo. The processions starts on 4th Avenue and ends up downtown where a stage is set up and they put on a very cool show. I will definitely be going every year from now on.

People go all out for the procession with costumes, face paintings, and even floats. We only walked the downtown portion of the event and I decided to try out the bride outfit a lot of people suggested for Halloween. My outfit turned a few heads.

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    • It is unbelievable!Wedding dress is a marriage souvenir,it gave your good time memory!I can not image you treat the dress like that!

    • I love your blog. My question is this.. how do your kids feel about you doing all of these things with their mothers wedding dress? My mom left my dad and sister and I when I was pretty young. There was a time where it probably would have upset me to see my dad use my mom’s wedding dress like this, but I don’t think that would have lasted for very long. I’m 34 now. I would have much rather seen my dad heal like this then go through the pain that he went through. Not to mention the lack of care that my mother had for anything let alone her wedding dress. I’m sure if she still has it, that it is ruined from years of storage in Hawaii. Maybe I should try to get it for my dad now. 27 years isn’t to late to start healing with a wedding dress project is it?

    • Kevin, your “Cultural Event Attire” is off the charts!!! You’ve hit it out of the park–hilarious!!! Now I wish I’d gone downtown myself.

    • Wow. Gorgeous dress.

    • Your idea is good, it can increase fun, I hope you can cherish the gown, not destroy marriage gauze, I like it, want to collect it

    • Absolutely DO NOT let it die!! It’s so amusing. I think those who don’t find it amuzing any longer could go somewhere else and keep their comments to themselves.

    • Flávia Guareschi

      Hi, Kevin!
      It was just last weekend that I found out about your blog, cited in a brazilian blog I was reading. As I had some free time on friday and saturday I read your entire blog since post #1. I just love it! I’m gonna keep checking it to see the new uses. And don’t mind these people who don’t get it, who tell you to give up and “let the thing die”. You have a project in mind, so just keep going until use 101. I totally get that this is not revenge like some people want to believe. And you’re probably not doing this as a therapy anymore. But since you’ve started it, just keep going! I share your sense of humor and I don’t really mind these big fancy weddings. Too much work and too much money that could well be spent on a nice honeymoon trip.

      Cheers from Brazil

    • BAB (@msquick1 from

      That’s awesome. I think it is a new application: Local Cultural Event Attire, it’s not a costume, right?

    • Good idea. Maybe you should just let the thing die now…

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