Jan 4 2011
Book News & Dress Use #69: Floor Mats

Happy New Year to all.

I have some news regarding my wedding dress project. I’m thrilled to announce that in December I agreed to work with New American Library/Penguin on a book that they plan to publish this year. Before NAL/Penguin came along I had what I felt was a pretty good list of 101 applications to share on this blog. I have been pondering some time on what dress use #101 would be and I believe I got the idea today that I think will be perfect. When I started this website my list only contained around 60 uses and many of the pictures I have posted and those in the book will come from suggestions by visitors here. Thanks so much to those who have followed my progress and have suggested appications for the dress. The book I will put together is going to have a lot of dress applications not shown on my site which now means I will end up doing quite a few more than 101. The good news is that despite some wear the dress does appear as if it is going to survive whatever comes its way.

I will continue to share updates with new application photos and progress of my book (I’m not quite sure I realize what I have gotten myself into yet). Now that I need to ultimately to find 130 or 140 uses for the dress, I’m still looking for suggestions. Just a couple weeks ago somebody suggested birdfeeder which I don’t remember hearing before. So far the dress full of birdseed has only scared the birds in my yard (they must remember the Darth Vader scarecrow) but I’m confident they will come around and feed from it someday soon.

Somebody recently suggested I try the dress as floormats for my Honda Element. I like the wedding dress floormats a lot. The dress wraps around the front console nicely so it works as driver and passenger floor mats simultaneously.

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    • Congrats on your book deal! I will send you some ideas after I have a bit of time for reflection. Very healthy what you’re doing here my friend! keep up the great work!

    • Amy R. (Peoria AZ)

      Yea! Congrats on the book deal. Set aside a couple dozen for me!

    • How about an artsy lampshade??

    • Have you tried using it as a baby sling? (A baby sling is not a baby hammock, so it’s best to contact a woman who has a sling and uses it correctly to teach you. 😉 Your local LLL would probably be willing to lend a hand, a mom, and a baby for teaching purposes if need be. =D)

      Other suggested uses: cat window hammock, backyard sunshade, car sunshade, car seat cover, child car seat cover, Christmas tree binding (to keep it’s branches from being damaged on the way home from the tree lot), picnic blanket, tablecloth, a tarp to protect your driveway during oil-changes, kiddie pool cover, privacy tent for camping outhouse, curtains for a children’s puppet theater, living room chair fort, and stroller cover/sunshade.

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