Mar 18 2011
Go Cats

The Arizona wildcats pulled off a nail biter against Memphis in the NCAA tourney earlier today. I have to think that if my ex-wife’s wedding dress could have taken to the road to support them the margin of victory would have been far greater than 2. I hope the game on Sunday is less interesting and the cats crush those Texas Longhorns.

Wedding dresses really make great banners especially if there is a lot of material to work with . . . a long train perhaps.

My ex’s dress has still been working hard. I have slowed down a bit with my blog entries but I have some more coming up.

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    • Bear down!

    • ann wedding favors

      I can’t really believe that you were able to flaunt the dress of your ex-wife in front of these enthusiasts. Your such a genius!

    • I have mixed emotions since only one of my teams can walk off the court with a W tonight. Doug wants to wager – winner gets a night out in Santa Fe with Granny watching their kids or maybe winner gets a share of the other’s book proceeds? :). Or, loser has to wear a baseball cap of the other team all vacation, including out to dinner while wearing the wedding dress?

    • DreadPirateDavi

      LOVE your site!

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