May 2 2011
A Wedding Dress On the Beach

I got back from a little vacation a couple of days ago. My fiancee and I ran off to Tulum for 4 days … a little bit south of Cancun in Mexico. A lot of people freak out when you tell them you are going to travel to Mexico but Tulum is a great place to visit and I felt very safe during out entire stay. There are troubles in Mexico for sure, mostly along the border, but I believe there are areas that are still fine to visit and think that the Yucatan Peninsula is one of them.

The people in Tulum that I met in our travels were all wonderful – a pleasure to be around.

I decided against taking my ex-wife’s wedding dress on my vacation with my fiancee, call me romantic, but it would have come in handy quite a few times. If you are looking for ways to put a wedding dress to work on the beach these are some ideas that come to mind. A few of these I have done already:

  • Beach Blanket
  • Beach Towel
  • Umbrella
  • Hammock
  • Ice Pack (if you are the stupid white guy who gets the lobster red sunburn on his back the first day like me and then looks like a tool for his entire vacation)
  • Fishing Net (if you don’t visit the world’s best bonefishing flats when the winds are so strong your trip gets cancelled – oh well guess I’ll have to go back)
  • Mosquito Net

Oh yeah – and if you visit Tulum – get off the trendy beach and eat your meals in town. The 5 minute drive will cut your food expense in half and you will enjoy much better Mexican food.

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    • Looks awesome! But, no, I can’t believe you left the dress at home. Couldn’t you have used it as a carry on? Tie it up with a sash and tuck your magazines inside? C’mon!

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