Overview Interview

If you happen to be stumbling onto my website for the first time . . . here is a pretty good summary of how I got here. Thanks for checking out my site.

Fish Escape

My wife Ashley thinks I am losing my mind – she is probably right.  I am extremely distracted at the moment and it because I am an addict whose drug of choice will be delivered in the near future.  I am addicted to fly fishing and I live in the desert – I get few […]

The Dress Awakens

This is still my favorite wedding dress application.  People have questioned the significance of the Darth Vader mask.  The truth is that it doesn’t signify anything.  I was scouring my house for my Mother Theresa mask, but when I couldn’t find it I had to use the mask I had.  It turns out Darth Vader […]


 I haven’t really updated my blog in over a year. We have twins. I see the sunrise every day. We have twins. I cannot find the time to workout during the work week. We have twins. My car, my house, my yard, my desk, and often my body are dirtier than they once were. We […]

Winter Wedding Dress Applications

It has been 11 months since I have updated my blog and I have one word to explain why – twins.  Twins are one of those things you can never fully comprehend unless you experience it yourself.  Having two babies at the same time is incredible . . . such a blessing.  I feel so […]

What is in a Name? Denver and Miles

I am proud to report that our family grew by two on December 30th. My amazing wife Ashley carried our boys almost 38 weeks and they were born healthy and happy. Denver weighed 6lbs 13 ounces and Miles was exactly one pound lighter. Upon first sight it was obvious they look nothing alike. The shapes […]

All I Want For Christmas Are Healthy Baby Boys

I haven’t been great about keeping up with this blog – and the reason is because I’m in a totally different place than I was when I started it. Also – I retired my ex-wife’s wedding some time ago. I still cannot get over how well made that thing is and I will never understand […]

Divorce From Hell

I received an email today from a guy I have something in common with.  He too inherited his ex-wife’s wedding dress.  Terry’s ex-wife might have even been trying to send a stronger message than mine.  Seemingly she took the dress out of its preservation box and hung it up in the closet of a home […]

Winter Wedding Dress Uses

About a month ago the weather ‘experts’ here in Arizona were forecasting a colder and wetter than average winter – exciting for us desert folk.  But they recently changed their story and gave us the sad news that Tucson will be warm and dry for the rest of time only adding fuel to my desire […]

Brides For A Cause

My thoughts about wedding dresses and weddings are well documented.  I largely believe expensive wedding dresses are stupid and that lavish weddings don’t make sense for most people.  But like most things in life these things can’t be viewed only in black and white and my attention was directed recently to an organization that is […]