May 30 2011
Divorce – The Top 10 Reasons We Do It

I let my satellite radio subscription die. I’m not really sure why because it’s not that expensive. I regret my decision. There are ads on satellite radio but there are also loads of channels so it’s easy to jump from one to the next and avoid ads.  I’m not a big fan of all the talk on the FM radio stations in the morning and all the ads.

There has been one ad in particular that I found annoying for a few weeks. Fortunately it is no longer running. The funny thing is I can’t even remember what company was being promoted so I guess it wasn’t very effective. Anyhow, it was a residential construction contractor and their pitch was this . . . home remodeling causes divorce. They made a claim in the ad that home renovation and remodeling is a leading cause of divorce in the United States. Really? I don’t buy it. I’m pretty sure that if pergo or real wood is the final straw then you had some major issues before you decided to blow your divorce cash on granite counter-tops you can’t cut in half. Now that I think about it maybe it is common for the remodel to be the final nail because maybe it is something couples do as an attempt to save their marriage.  A new kitchen can take a couple back to their happy place – can’t it?

I don’t know, but I decided to do some research to see if I could find a top 10 list of why people divorce. Turns out there are a whole bunch of divorce top 10’s online and they aren’t all the same. I went through a number of them and picked the most common reasons among them for this top 10. Note that redecorating is not on the list although maybe it’s boredom that leads to the redecorating prior to the divorce.

  1. Lack of Communication
  2. Infidelity
  3. Alcohol or Substance Abuse
  4. Abuse (Mental or Physical)
  5. Financial Problems
  6. Cultural or Religious Difference
  7. Sexual Incompatibility
  8. Differences in Priorities or Goals
  9. Family Issues – Child Rearing or Extended Family Issues
  10. Boredom

    3 Responses
    • Getting a divorce is never easy. Aside from the emotional anguish that both parties go through, there are also the legal processes that you have to deal with like spousal support, child custody and support, distribution of property and division of debt.
      In hard times like this, the best thing that you can do is to find a divorce lawyer who will not only inform you of all your legal rights but who will represent your best interests in court as well.

    • I like your list and agree, but if you are doing a home remodeling project all of the things on your list are going to manifest themselves tenfold because of stress and that leads to the divorce. Something has to be the catalyst or the thing that makes the couple aware of the problems surrounding them.

      I was on the subway and this couple was arguing on the subway and they were remodeling some part of their home from what I could hear and so I do believe it.

    • My husband let his satellite radio contract go after his free trial (new car). Very shortly, they got him back with a huge discount. Now I have one too and we get some kind of savings for having 2 subscriptions. I don’t want to go back to terrestrial radio!

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