Oct 31 2011
Halloween, The Frank Show, and Jake Huey

On Tuesday last week Frank had me on his show on 96.1 KLPX here in Tucson – I really appreciate those guys bringing me back on.  I chatted with Frank, Tic-Tac, and Sherm last year shortly after my website started attracting some attention online.  Those guys know how to have a good time and I enjoyed talking to them about my book.  In my interview I explained that I was retiring the dress and Sherm (the producer) encouraged me to do some pumpkin carving on the dress for Halloween.  It’s a great idea.  Last year I ended up with pumpkin parts permanently crusted to my porch and yard furniture.  The clean up was easy this time around – I just wrapped that dress up and stuffed it in my sack.  You can listen to my Frank show interview here:

Frank Show Interview

Bob and Sheri Show

I got a note recently from Jake Huey who shared some pictures with me that tie in well with the season.  He, too, inherited a wedding dress.  He is a creative guy and has come up with some good looking halloween props using his ex’s dress.  Nice work Jake and thank for the pics.

I’m including my Halloween costume from last year in this set of pictures.  So we have my pumpkin carving blanket, last year’s caveman outfit (even though most people thought I was Moses), and my buddy Jake Huey’s creative Halloween props.  Happy Halloween.


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    • You can’t retire the dress yet, you have one more task. Take it to the dry cleaner, have your brother record it, and post their reaction for the world to see. You could do a couple of dry cleaners just for their reaction and you don’t actually have to go through with cleaning it.

    • Awww! So the dress is gone? The fun is over? I haven’t even finished reading your blog, yet! Oh well. It was a fun ride! Thanks for the giggles! I plan on buying 2 books.

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