Apr 29 2012
Isabella’s Ice Cream

Ashley and I planned our backyard wedding last year in 9 days (no she wasn’t pregnant or marrying me to avoid deportation) and had our hands full. When my cousin Dominic and his wife Kristel generously offered to serve ice cream from their awesome electric Model T ice cream truck we were thrilled. Not only is their ice cream delicious, but it also isn’t your ordinary wedding cake, and was a perfect fit for our very non-traditional wedding.

Isabella’s Ice Cream is a business started by Dominic and Kristel in the Tucson area and people are drawn to their trucks and love their natural ice cream. They do a lot of events and are working on getting a permanent spot set up midtown (in front of Bookman’s I believe). Our wedding was not their first.  They did another one in town and actually drove one of their trucks into the ballroom of the resort.  What is so cool about having Isabella’s bring ice cream to an event like a wedding is that they can personalize the flavors as well as customize the cups.  The flavors they had on hand for us were:


  • Reverend Colin’s Cookie Dough (my brother Colin officiated our wedding)
  • Cotter Clan Chocolate Chip Committed
  • Coffee Monogamous Mint
  • No Pre-nup Pecan
  • Legally Bound Berry Sorbet
  • Spousal Cinnamon
  • Cohabitation Cocunut


Thanks for such a cool wedding gift Dom and Kristel!!!

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