Oct 28 2011
My Bookstore Visit

This has been a wild week and I am very excited that my book is finally out.  I have received a lot of very nice e-mails with words of encouragement and kind wishes.  I really appreciate that.  So Tuesday was the big day that my book was supposed to hit the shelves – or that is what I thought book release meant.  I had a full book promoting schedule that day and planned to sneak into one of my local Barnes and Noble stores in the evening (there are two in Tucson).

I received an early copy of my book a few weeks ago and it was so cool to finally get my hands on one.  But for some reason the moment I had built up in my mind more than my first handling of my book was walking into a bookstore and seeing it on the shelf.  I couldn’t wait to do that on Tuesday night.  So after my commitments were through I called one of the stores in town only to be informed they hadn’t received their order yet.  I couldn’t believe it.  I called the other store and the guy who answered cracked up when I gave him the title.  “That’s a very funny book” he told me.  “So you have them?” I asked.  “Yes – in our back closet – if you want one you have to come in and ask for it and we will pull it out.”  I thought to myself that one more day wasn’t a big deal.  I could wait.

I didn’t find time Wednesday to make a second effort and my brother wasn’t around.  He was a big part of the whole project so I wanted to go together.  We decided we would hit the bookstore at lunch today.  Two days after launch my book had to be up.  We would walk in and find it in all its shiny glory.  I really wish we had taken some video today.  I think I laughed harder today than I have laughed during this entire project.  Colin and I weren’t going to ask for directions to find my book.  It had to be somewhere.  At first we started walking the store together.  We stopped at the new release section first but didn’t find it there.  I knew it would be in the humor section so I wasn’t looking for my book but just a sign that read “humor.”  5-10 minutes passed.  Then we decide to split up to cover more of the store.  We couldn’t find it anywhere.  I gave up and finally I asked a young lady who worked there where humor could be found.  She pointed to a small rolling cart in the front corner of the store.  The HUMOR sign wasn’t completely visible because books were awkwardly piled up in front of it – and for some reason I thought the humor section would be larger than one small cart.  There was no way possible my book would be on that cart – that’s what I thought.  I looked at the front – no 101 Uses to be found.  I checked the back and at first glance didn’t see it either.  Then I looked low – real low.  It turns out that my local Barnes and Noble thinks the target market for my book is the 2′ tall crowd.  I died laughing.

I had built that moment up so much that the fact that my book was on the bottom shelf of a push cart with an obstructed HUMOR sign was just so funny.

It turns out that there is a reorganization going on at that store and so everything isn’t put together quite right.  I actually met with the manager and she was great.  And they have a sign up promoting my event there in a couple weeks.  But, for the time being, if you want to buy my book in Tucson look low – on the front rolling cart.  My book is right below the roll of stretch wrap.

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    • I recently stumbled upon your blog and liked it so much I bought your book. I love it! Your ideas have given me that much needed laughter when going through the same situation. THANK YOU! Congrats on the success!

    • Jennifer Zlaket

      Oh man, that’s hilarious! Nonetheless, YOU DID IT!! I’m so proud of you Kevin! Congratulations!!

    • I have been following you for about 6 months now, and I am from canada, so as soon as its released here, I just may buy it, because I happen to think it IS mighty funny!! 😀 I bet your ex wife is just burning up…and that makes it even funnier!! I rave about you and your story all the time, your gaining quite a following over here in manitoba!

    • Looks like B&N knows how to make an author feel special, right??

    • This is hilarious! As soon as I’m less than broke, I plan on going out to find your book on a shelf somewhere here (Beaumont, Texas). I’ll start looking low first so I can find it quicker but hopefully they aren’t reorganizing the store here!

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