Jun 8 2011
New Dress Use: Snake Sack

It’s heating up in the desert which makes for some active evening critters.   I live on the fringe of Tucson in an area that is still mostly desert so I have frequent encounters with things I prefer not be in my yard – mostly because I have kids.

I like most reptiles so I like finding the occasional gopher snake or gila monster and escorting them home.  Rattlesnakes are another story and fortunately I have only had to relocate two of them in the almost 11 years I have lived here.

Oddly enough I haven’t come across a singe reptile in my yard since I started coming up with creative uses for my ex-wife’s wedding dress last year.  I think they are aware that I possess the largest most versatile snake sack of all time.  So this is sort of a “what if” dress application.  I demonstrate how to pull this one off with a fierce stunt cobra.

Here are also a few random shots of things I find in my yard along with a picture of my buddy Noah’s foot.  This picture reminds me to be careful when walking around outside at night.  This is what an adult diamondback rattler can do to you.  I believe they gave him 44 doses of anti-venom.

This isn’t the first snake I have seen in my ex-wife’s wedding dress (. . . . I did a previous shoot with a rubber one)

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    • A follow up to my previous comment. How about setting it up as another scarecrow to do a “then and now” comparison with the original? Cheers, LG.

    • Hi. I’ve seen that you did a “dress assessment’ vid. How about a couple of good pics showing the front and back of the dress at present?

      Who’d have thought that wedding dresses could be so tough?

      Cheers, LG.

    • Ramona Norwood

      “Yikes,” on many fronts. 😉 Just found your blog today, and I love it. Therapeutic, amusing, well done!

    • DreadPirateDavi

      Venomous reptiles asides, it’s pretty bad ass you get to see those cats up close.

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