Jul 26 2011
Wedding Dress Wager

On my Facebook page there was a wager proposed on one University of Arizona vs. University of Texas game during the NCAA hoops tourney. My brother-in-law, a Longhorn fanatic, was confident my Cats would go down and wanted to bet on the game. I’m a gambling sort of guy and always like making a game more interesting so I listened to his ideas. At first he said he thought the loser should wear my ex-wife’s wedding dress – a public appearance of some sort. But then he realized I wear my ex-wife’s wedding dress all the time. In fact – I’m wearing it right now. We had to up the stakes. So we bet that the loser would have to wear the wedding dress to a bar along with some apparel from the opposing team. Unfortunately for my brother-in-law, the Longhorns let him down. They pretty much had the game wrapped up but Arizona squeeked it out in the final seconds.

I don’t see my sister and brother-in-law as much as I’d like because they live in Texas. However, my mother, my siblings, and all of our offspring just spent a week together near Santa Fe. It was a wonderful time enjoyed by all. My brother, my sister, my bro-in-law, and I managed to work in 18 holes at a nearby golf course. Assuming the course would have a bar of some sort I packed my ex-wife’s wedding dress along with a UA hat and foam finger for the trip. My bro-in-law paid his gambling debt and provided some entertainment for a good size group of golfers enjoying the bar after their rounds. He was a huge hit with the women’s Wednesday golf club who wanted to know the background of the dress and also were happy to take part in holding the train for some pictures. My brother-in-law was a great sport and I must admit looked surprisingly good in that wedding dress.

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    • I forgot to mention that I skipped naked.

    • Heard you on Charlotte’s Bob and Sheri show on Wednesday 26, and had to check out the website. They are right, you are a riot. Years ago I celebrated my liberation from my oppressor by getting really drunk and skipping down Main St. in Chesnee, SC. Barely escaped capture by the police by diving in an apartment buildings laundry room. After sobering up I furthered the celebration by moving all his things that I didn’t want to the curb with a big sign that said “FREE”. I continue to celebrate my decade and a half ago divorce by not getting married again. Once you get bit by a snake, you don’t stick your hand back in the cage! Yeah, it was that bad.
      Congrats to both you and your bride. I love your website.

    • The lady in the 4th picture looks like she just sharted.

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