May 7 2011
One Year Bloggiversary

It was a year ago today that my buddy Greg told me my I-Web blog sucked in the back of his warehouse near downtown Tucson.  He thought the content was good but knowing a bit more about the workings of the internet than I do he told me I needed to step it up and helped me set up this WordPress blog.

Since I launched my blog last year my ex-wife’s wedding dress has been used for more than 120 different applications.  Some are very practical and quite a few are outrageous.  I originally set out to document 101 uses for the dress but in the process wrote a book that will be published later this year.   Between the book and the website the dress has done more than I ever imagined and I actually have quite a few applications still to come.  This dress truly is amazing.

I’m going to throw up some of my favorite uses to date that have been shared on my website . . . the first one being the preservation box footrest before I really knew what to do with the dress.  I really love the Darth Vader scarecrow.  How do you top a Darth Vader wedding dress scarecrow?  It can’t be done.  I’m proud to have tied a fly with only wedding dress material and actually caught fish with it.  Golf towel, yoga mat, and superhero cape also rank high on my list.

Thanks to all who have kept up with my journey.  I really appreciate it.

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