Nov 22 2011
Past Due Book Giveaways

I moved this past weekend. Or I guess I should say I attempted to move. It was mostly successful except that the house I left is still a disaster. I couldn’t sell it and have yet to rent it so why attend to it when I can work on the new place? I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I put in an offer on a short sale in my same neighborhood earlier this year.

It’s exciting to be in a new house that my wife Ashley and I can start our lives together in.

With all the juggling I have been doing I haven’t figured out what I will do with all these books my publisher gave me. What does one do with dozens of books? The majority of my family and friends bought books. So I would like to give some of them away. I will include a bookmark in each of the books I gave away that will be made from my ex-wife’s wedding dress. I wonder if I should disinfect them before I send them to people? Perhaps I will just include a disclaimer to make sure your young ones don’t end up with the bookmark in their mouths and a suggestion to wash your hands after handling it. Or maybe I will laminate them in plastic? Probably not – sounds like work.

So – if you have done anything creative with a wedding dress send me a picture. You can e-mail me Or you can post the picture on the Facebook page wall. If I like what you did I’ll send you a book.

It was also suggested that I have a contest to guess the weight of my ex-wife’s dress. I’m curious myself to see what it weighs. It’s not light. So – I am going to weigh the dress in the handy sack I store it in (picture below). Come closest to guessing the weight and win a book and potentially hazardous bookmark. Weight will be in pounds rounded to the nearest tenth (example – 14.3 lbs).  That contest will run on my Facebook page which can be found here FACEBOOK.



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    • So glad that your booksigning was a success! My guess for the weight of the dress is 17 pounds. (I do not have FB). What is the thing made of? Ever consider donating that indestructible thing to NASA?
      Also, I think your brother should be portrayed by David Spade!
      Congrats on the move, I just did that too, and I am just now getting everything in place. This will be the first weekend that I won’t have a full weekend of cardboard, packing material, tape, and copious amounts of Ibuprofen.

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