Overview Interview

If you happen to be stumbling onto my website for the first time . . . here is a pretty good summary of how I got here. Thanks for checking out my site.

All I Want For Christmas Are Healthy Baby Boys

I haven’t been great about keeping up with this blog – and the reason is because I’m in a totally different place than I was when I started it. Also – I retired my ex-wife’s wedding some time ago. I still cannot get over how well made that thing is and I will never understand […]

Divorce From Hell

I received an email today from a guy I have something in common with.  He too inherited his ex-wife’s wedding dress.  Terry’s ex-wife might have even been trying to send a stronger message than mine.  Seemingly she took the dress out of its preservation box and hung it up in the closet of a home […]

TGIF = Thanksgiving Is Friday (the blended family way)

I just wrapped up an insanely busy Thanksgiving weekend. I am exhausted, but am reminded of how much I have to be thankful for. With everything going on I sometimes lose sight of how good things really are and what is most important and Thanksgiving is a good reminder. I really like the holiday. It […]

Book Signing

  I want to thank everyone who took time on a Tuesday night to be a part of my first ever book signing.  I really had no idea what to expect but the event actually turned out to be a lot of fun.  I was slightly intimidated when I saw the layout after being directed […]

Contest Ideas

Help me come up with contest ideas and win a signed copy of my book and a unique bookmark . . . I was just informed that the books my publisher sends me are in transit and due to arrive any day.  I already have homes for a few of them with people who helped me along the […]

Before and After

I recently got back from my annual fishing trip with my brother and some of our friends. It was almost two years ago that my brother Colin encouraged me to bring a pristine preserved wedding dress once worn by my ex-wife on a fishing trip. Two years ago we took it out of the box […]

Celebrating Divorce

I bet that 20 years ago few people celebrated the demise of their marriages with parties, t-shirts, or painted car windows. Maybe I’m wrong but I feel like the celebration part of the process is something new. Resources like the Divorce Shower Store haven’t been around for very long after all. I’m sure that formal […]

Wedding Dress Wager

On my Facebook page there was a wager proposed on one University of Arizona vs. University of Texas game during the NCAA hoops tourney. My brother-in-law, a Longhorn fanatic, was confident my Cats would go down and wanted to bet on the game. I’m a gambling sort of guy and always like making a game […]

The Reverend

My brother Colin is in California this weekend officiating his buddy Dave’s wedding.  Apparently California has a program called “Deputy For A Day” by which anybody can get a single day license to oversee a wedding.  How cool is that? Church weddings are great but not everybody chooses to go that route and if you […]