New Dress Use: Snake Sack

It’s heating up in the desert which makes for some active evening critters.   I live on the fringe of Tucson in an area that is still mostly desert so I have frequent encounters with things I prefer not be in my yard – mostly because I have kids. I like most reptiles so I like […]

Divorce – The Top 10 Reasons We Do It

I let my satellite radio subscription die. I’m not really sure why because it’s not that expensive. I regret my decision. There are ads on satellite radio but there are also loads of channels so it’s easy to jump from one to the next and avoid ads.  I’m not a big fan of all the […]

Go Cats

The Arizona wildcats pulled off a nail biter against Memphis in the NCAA tourney earlier today. I have to think that if my ex-wife’s wedding dress could have taken to the road to support them the margin of victory would have been far greater than 2. I hope the game on Sunday is less interesting […]

Mini Darth Vader Scarecrow

In the spirit of the entertaining Volkswagon pint-size Darth Vader Superbowl commercial I have decided to unveil the mini Darth Vader scarecrow. Not only did my ex-wife leave her wedding dress when she moved out . . . she left a miniature replica wedding dress too. For our wedding someone made a doll made in […]

Dress Use #72: Place Mat

I have decided that I am going to complete my 101 dress applications without washing the dress. I was able to execute a couple of applications like tea bag and baby sling with the dress as is. The baby that was slung survived and so did the consumer of the tea, me. The dress is […]

Dress Use #70: Wood Pile Cover

My new year is in full swing and there are a lot of things going on. It is off to a good start. The holidays this year treated me very well. The Christmas before was the first for me and my kids after my divorce. We tried to make the best of it and it […]

Book News & Dress Use #69: Floor Mats

Happy New Year to all. I have some news regarding my wedding dress project. I’m thrilled to announce that in December I agreed to work with New American Library/Penguin on a book that they plan to publish this year. Before NAL/Penguin came along I had what I felt was a pretty good list of 101 […]

Dress Use #63 – Cultural Event Attire

Every once in a while Tucson surprises me and I realize what a cool town it is. It’s probably not the most exciting place to live by a lot of people’s standards but my town has a lot of character. An event I had heard a lot about but never attended is the annual All […]

Classic E-mail of Wedding Dress Trade

From time to time people e-mail me at to tell me what they did with their wedding dresses or what they would like to see me do with mine. This e-mail from Joan really made me laugh. What is the value of a once worn wedding dress? Here is her take . . . […]