Celebrating Divorce

I bet that 20 years ago few people celebrated the demise of their marriages with parties, t-shirts, or painted car windows. Maybe I’m wrong but I feel like the celebration part of the process is something new. Resources like the Divorce Shower Store haven’t been around for very long after all. I’m sure that formal […]

Back to School – and Wedding Dress Tie Down Tarp

Ahhhh yes – this week my kids returned to school. And that, I hope, means I can find my routine again. The summer my ex-wife moved out 2 years ago was a complete train wreck. This summer was easier but still full of challenges – especially for someone who doesn’t look that far ahead in […]

Wedding Dress Wager

On my Facebook page there was a wager proposed on one University of Arizona vs. University of Texas game during the NCAA hoops tourney. My brother-in-law, a Longhorn fanatic, was confident my Cats would go down and wanted to bet on the game. I’m a gambling sort of guy and always like making a game […]

The Reverend

My brother Colin is in California this weekend officiating his buddy Dave’s wedding.  Apparently California has a program called “Deputy For A Day” by which anybody can get a single day license to oversee a wedding.  How cool is that? Church weddings are great but not everybody chooses to go that route and if you […]

New Dress Use: Snake Sack

It’s heating up in the desert which makes for some active evening critters.   I live on the fringe of Tucson in an area that is still mostly desert so I have frequent encounters with things I prefer not be in my yard – mostly because I have kids. I like most reptiles so I like […]

Divorce – The Top 10 Reasons We Do It

I let my satellite radio subscription die. I’m not really sure why because it’s not that expensive. I regret my decision. There are ads on satellite radio but there are also loads of channels so it’s easy to jump from one to the next and avoid ads.  I’m not a big fan of all the […]

New Dress Use: Jeep Soft Top

A few weeks ago I received a nice note from Shannon Willits – a fellow survivor of divorce who had relocated to Tucson and had visited my blog. He said he liked what I was up to and suggested I use my ex-wife’s wedding dress as a patch for a damaged screen door . . […]

One Year Bloggiversary

It was a year ago today that my buddy Greg told me my I-Web blog sucked in the back of his warehouse near downtown Tucson.  He thought the content was good but knowing a bit more about the workings of the internet than I do he told me I needed to step it up and […]

A Wedding Dress On the Beach

I got back from a little vacation a couple of days ago. My fiancee and I ran off to Tulum for 4 days … a little bit south of Cancun in Mexico. A lot of people freak out when you tell them you are going to travel to Mexico but Tulum is a great place […]

What is a Ring Worth?

I still have my wedding ring sitting in a drawer in my kitchen. It’s gold but I’m under the impression that it’s not worth very much even though gold is worth something like $1300/ounce these days. I haven’t put any thought into to what to do with it but I got an e-mail recently that […]