The Dress Awakens

This is still my favorite wedding dress application.  People have questioned the significance of the Darth Vader mask.  The truth is that it doesn’t signify anything.  I was scouring my house for my Mother Theresa mask, but when I couldn’t find it I had to use the mask I had.  It turns out Darth Vader […]

Mini Darth Vader Scarecrow

In the spirit of the entertaining Volkswagon pint-size Darth Vader Superbowl commercial I have decided to unveil the mini Darth Vader scarecrow. Not only did my ex-wife leave her wedding dress when she moved out . . . she left a miniature replica wedding dress too. For our wedding someone made a doll made in […]

Dress Use #5: Scarecrow

I love being outside.  My yard is a place that provides a lot of comfort for me.  I like it to be kept a certain way because I relax much better in a yard that is tidy.  The truth is I’m a little neurotic about certain things in the spaces I live.  Those who know […]