Nov 29 2011
TGIF = Thanksgiving Is Friday (the blended family way)

I just wrapped up an insanely busy Thanksgiving weekend. I am exhausted, but am reminded of how much I have to be thankful for. With everything going on I sometimes lose sight of how good things really are and what is most important and Thanksgiving is a good reminder. I really like the holiday.

It was our second annual TGIF or “Thanksgiving is Friday” celebration. Last year Ashley and I weren’t excited about attending any Thanksgiving gathering without all three of our kids – who are all on blended family time shares of some variety. So Ashley suggested Friday be our big celebration day and we invite everyone to our place.  TGIF is what she called it.  It works out well because pretty much everyone in town has the Friday after Thanksgiving open so it is now another excuse for all of us to get together. We had around 35 people over and the added twist this year was we moved into our new house the week before. We might be crazy, but I believe we pulled it off.

We followed TGIF up with birthday gatherings for my nephew Jack and mom on Saturday and Sunday. On Sunday my 9 year old said “Dad – we celebrated Thanksgiving (Thursday), Franksgiving (Friday), Sanksgiving (Saturday), and Sunksgiving (Sunday)” which I thought was cute.

After moving last week and everything that goes along with that a day in my cubicle and some customer visits today felt like a day off.

There is one more day . . . or I guess about 12 more hours to guess the weight of my ex-wife’s wedding dress in it’s carrying sack to win a signed copy of my book along with one potentially toxic wedding dress bookmark. I’m ending that Facebook contest tomorrow morning and based on the guesses so far I think people think this thing is bigger than it actually is.

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    • I love this! I didn’t know anyone else celebrated Franksgiving. We did that for the first time this year…we had my family “The Franks” over on Friday for “Franksgiving” which even included german food since we’d had turkey dinner on Thanksgiving with my husband’s family.

    • Cheers to you! It seems like you found a good outlet to help you though all the bull@#$%. I can tell by the ugly wedding dress she chose that your better off, just saying. lol. Best of luck dealing with her in the future.

    • Ha! Franksgiving. I love that. My family always does Thanksgiving on Friday. My mom says it’s because we’re pushovers. Ahem.

      But I think it’s just more relaxing not to have to switch off or fight with in-laws about who goes where at what time or in what year. So hail to the Franksgiving. 🙂

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