Jul 2 2011
The Reverend

My brother Colin is in California this weekend officiating his buddy Dave’s wedding.  Apparently California has a program called “Deputy For A Day” by which anybody can get a single day license to oversee a wedding.  How cool is that?

Church weddings are great but not everybody chooses to go that route and if you are going to get married outside the church why not involve someone you love – a close friend or family member?

Colin and I are sales reps for the same packaging company in Tucson.  We are doing just fine but I have been joking around with him that maybe this opportunity he has been given will be his springboard to a new career – or at least something to fall back during hard times.  I looked online for freelance ministers in Arizona and those guys are banking as much as $500 to do what he will be doing for Dave and Jessica.

So in order to help Colin market himself I got him ordained online.  I wish I had found out about The Church of the Latter Day Dude before paying $27 for his ordination and wallet card from The Universal Life Church.  Oh well – the bottom line is that Colin can officiate weddings in any state with laws as lax as Arizona.

If you are looking for a wedding official in Tucson you should definitely consider Colin.  He is a cool cat and well composed in front of large groups.  He can’t iron a shirt but the reverend’s wife can, as can his big brother, so he will always arrive looking sharp and mostly sober (it is rumored that he carries a flask in his sock).  Feel free to contact me to inquire about his availability and his rates.

And congratulations to Dave and Jessica.  I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and am confident that you will never find your wedding dress being used as a pasta strainer.

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    • Never consider having a friend ordained and perform the wedding. Interesting and unique.

    • Tucson Web Design

      Very cool! I did a similar thing with my wedding, I had my friend ordained last minute because we couldn’t find a reverend. Love at last!

    • Awesome! Yeah, my uncle got ordained to marry my husband & I (hes directed funerals for years & is so well spoken) so we picked him since the pastors from my home church in California weren’t available! Pretty cool! I’m already happily married but will totally pass it on to everyone I know! It’s a pretty sweet addition that he’s participating in uniting people & celebrating marriage as I know your ex wife’s wedding dress dealio was never a vindictive act but a humorous one that just caught on! Clearly y’all are both guys who haven’t given up on “Love & Marriage…” ((As good ol’ Sinatra sang it best!!!)) 😀

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