Apr 2 2011
What is a Ring Worth?

I still have my wedding ring sitting in a drawer in my kitchen. It’s gold but I’m under the impression that it’s not worth very much even though gold is worth something like $1300/ounce these days. I haven’t put any thought into to what to do with it but I got an e-mail recently that has me thinking . . .

This guy ended up with his ex-wife’s ring after their divorce. I applaud his creativity and I think he got a really good deal. I have to think that was some tasty grub he enjoyed after making a trade. He chose to remain anonymous but shared with me his unusual way of getting rid of his ex’s ring:

“I was really hungry 1 nite, so I traded my ex-wife’s $1500 wedding ring for a Family Bucket of KFC. I was so pleased with myself that nite….the young girl at the KFC counter eagerly took my offer. You may think I got ripped off, but I insisted on the FAMILY Bucket Meal….not only did I get 15 pieces of Extra Crispy Chicken, …I got Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Gravy, …AND a box of French Fries. I think I made an excellent trade.

(Advising me if I want to try to make a chicken trade for my ring)  You may have to hit up the manager, though,…as when I went up to the counter the 2 young girls were hmmm’ing & huh’ing……thought they’d say no….not sure who actually GOT the ring…..but they giggled & said to each other, after I explained the ring means nothing to me,…they told each other …”yeah, we’ll take it…if the ring is not worth the $29 of the Family Meal (or so?) we’ll eat the cost between ourselves.”……I think b/c there were TWO of them, they discussed it briefly between themselves, & thought …what the heck”

I really like getting these sorts of stories.  I cracked up when I read this one and it helps validate my position that I’m not insane for using my ex’s dress in a bunch of strange ways.  Feel free to e-mail me at myexwifesweddingdress@gmail.com.

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    • I think that a ring is only worth how much the person giving believes it is worth as well as the recipient of the ring.

    • Wow Kristin is heartless lol I think wedding rings have a symbolizem that people dont appreciate

    • I gave mine to my dad & told him to do what he wanted with it. If he got $ for it, he could keep it. He called me after he took it to a pawn shop & the guy told him the diamond was fake. Then the pawn shop clerk said “No wonder she dumped his ass! He couldn’t even get her a real diamond!”

      As for my dress, I told my mom she could cut it up, burn it, sell it because I didn’t care. The only wedding photos I kept are the ones with my grandparents in them. The rest are gone. I actually think I burned those, but I don’t remember.

      Now I am happily married to wonderful man, we have 2 children & just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary with a vow renewal ceremony in Las Vegas. 🙂

    • ann wedding favors

      It really made me smile with the thought that he traded his ring for foods. Well, that’s kind of weird to me. Because the way to free himself from the murky abyss of hell is one bucket of KFC chicken. That’s awesome!

    • I invited my best friend over. We each took a pair of scissors and started to shred my wedding dress, laughing hysterically. We grabbed and fought for pieces to shred. It was the most fun I’d had in the 8 years with this guy. And as luck would have it, my cheating X-husband-to-be walked in and dropped his jaw. “Is that your wedding dress? “Why yes”, we said. Then ever so politely my friend asked him to carry a bag of garbage down to the curb, citing it was too heavy for her (we lived in NY). “Sure no problem”, he said rather confused, “What is it?”
      “Oh it’s all your shredded wedding photos”, my friend responded innocently. Silence filled the air as he stumbled out the apartment and down the stairs in a speechless disorientation. And we bursted into laughter like two cackling witches that had just eaten a cauldron full of children…Ahhhh GOOD TIMES!

      ps..Still have the ring…waiting for just the right moment 🙂

    • Kristin Kelley

      I took my wedding band,white gold, to a pawn shop, got $15.00 and went and got a 12 pack back when I drank.
      Didn’t mean anything to me either and I’m a chick.

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