Nov 22 2014
Winter Wedding Dress Applications

It has been 11 months since I have updated my blog and I have one word to explain why – twins.  Twins are one of those things you can never fully comprehend unless you experience it yourself.  Having two babies at the same time is incredible . . . such a blessing.  I feel so lucky to get to experience little ones all over again.  Once upon a time I thought I was finished with 2 kids and now I am the father of a blended family with 5 kids.  Along with being awesome, having 2 babies at the same time is exhausting.  I have never worked harder in my life (and it’s way easier for me than my wife – I get to relax at work 8-5 Monday through Friday).  I am not complaining – I wouldn’t change a thing.

I no longer have time to be creative with my ex-wife’s wedding dress, but for those of you with dresses collecting dust I have a few winter related suggestions (if you choose not to donate your dress to one of these worthy organizations).

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